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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 9AM  ABC  June 24, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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now "good morning maryland" at nine. all right. not only is it friday but it's national take your dog to workday. and if anything goes wrong i want this on the record that it was charley's idea. >> it was my idea, yes. and for management here at abc2, we used the forgiveness versus permission theory with this. that yawning beauty is oscar my little buddy rides with me everywhere i go. i've had him since he was 5 months old a rescue dog when i lived in arkansas. >> he is gorgeous and well behaved. we try to one up each other with our dogs. yours wins in the behavioral contest. >> yours has a better smile. >> this is roxanne when i lived
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in ohio she with as a month-old and dumped in a shoe box outside a pet store. someone tried to sell her inside the pet store and they dent take dogs and whoever it was, dumped her in a shoe box which seems like a sad story and it was my lucky day. i took her home and had every intent to take her to a shelter and 24 hours later i was like i will never leave you. we have been together ever since. she is a little on the needy side. and a little excited but sweet as can be. national take your dog to workday was started to promote awareness about pet adoption to let people know that it's always a better option to adops a dog or a cat. so they did this to basscally promote you know not only being kind tower pet and take care of your pet but to promote adoption which is where the maryland as -- spcae they have gone a great -- spca. they have been a great friend to good morning maryland" at nine and aileen has a cat.
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>> mudslide. >> there's pet of the day. >> there he is. >> can a cat be a mix? >> we will find out. >> we should mention something about a cat being up for adoption and it's take your dog to workday. there's cat here is because the baltimore 500 is going on. so, we will hear more about this. they are close and we have to give them a hand and go adopt a cat. also, spike from woodbury kitchen, the most decorated most popular and critically acclaimed restaurant in baltimore. he will come in the kitchen with a great recipe and spike i. promise before i come over, i will wash the hands. so we can get to work in the kitchen this morning on "good morning maryland" at nine. >> is he going with you? >> i think he will be in the kitchen studio but not on camera. >> not onset. >> as long as he sees me he is okay. because i left a newsroom a few moments ago and dan taylor, the executive producer came back and said he lost his mind. >> well, yeah.
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all right. well i. hope you got to take your dog to work or keep it in the home. but that's going tonight team of the day. we will move on to the hot topic. >> this is one getting a lot of response on the abc2 news face boon fan page. parents are questioning when their children are learning in the schools. >> absolutely. a third grade social studies book is called into question. parents have a problem with the social studies book for third graders and claim the book is not objective. in one section it explains that health care is free in many countries but not in the united states. book ask students if they feel it should be free for everyone and parents say that's not appropriate. it tykes and act vft ajeaned add -- activist agenda something they don't want their children. >> the more i read the angrier i got when it was fact yulely shoty and quality is poor and has a act vft agenda. >> makes other countries look better than -- activist agenda. >> makes other countries look
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better than ours. >> they say on the map of the united states it leaves out washington, d.c. the book is used across the country since 2004. this is the first time we heard criticism about it. >> we are asking on the abc2 facebook fan page how you feel about the statements and this view in the textbooks. mark says it's total propaganda and indoctrinization knotsy used the same techniques prior to the war. jennifer ies -- jennifer says it gets the kids thinking and it's not propaganda and what age would it be appropriate for us to tell them this? 50? come on now. >> so if you want to share your two cents, tell us. head to the wmar facebook fan page and leave a comment and keep the comments coming because we will share them throughout the show. all right. news time is 9:04. and bullying is a very serious problem among kids nationwide. and a special camp underway educating young girls how to best handle bullies.
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>> pretty interesting because the theme of the camp is buddies not bully and sherrie johnson was there to take a look. >> reporter: it's 8 a.m. on thursday morning and these elementary and middle schoolers are anxious for another day at summer camp. it's called project antiviolence education. 8-year-old destiny allen knows firsthand how it feels to be bullied. she experienced it in the second grade. >> i had a little boy. he used to be my friend. we were sitting together. he said he is going to play with me but he did something like hitting me. and he did something very awful. she hit me in the window. my door was closed. >> reporter: her mother admits its scarry to learn your child
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is bullied and stopped the problem immediately by contact the school official she is grateful for hosting the camp. >> i think the girls are learned a great deal. they have gotten to do awesome activities, and for myself, i think that is one key because you have to keep them active. more active they are, the less they are able to have idol time to try to harm one another. >> reporter: during the weeklong camp, girls enjoy small group activities and learning about the impact of bullying learning to get help and sharing experiences. >> the program allows the girls to learn about what bullying is and how they can help to stop that, but also how they can really become leaders in their own right. >> i learned that you should never be a bully and if somebody comes up to you and tries to bully you, you need to tell three adults. >> reporter: by getting adults involved, the child gets help and the bully may need help
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with self-esteem or problems at home. these days, defendanteny doesn't have to worry about bullies. she is harassment free and happier than ever at school. sherrieionson -- johnson -- sherrie johnson. >> a great program and more than 150 elementary and middle school students participated in the camp. and it ends today. what great thing to start discussion at. >> long overdue. well, you want to shed the belly flab and support the -- sport the body in the sun. >> it's difficult when you talk about overeating. there's a new report that says it's not about the calories count not all of it. so we will explain what could be in the kitchen that may be a culprit. >> ladies, some of you want the sun kissed tan, the tan one teen received has her -- got her firing back at the salon. we will tell you about this. and when you think high tech you think west coast.
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how the silicone valley idea may be right in your home. we will tell you about that but first meteorologist justin berk. your dog is too far away. >> it's noti. >> you want roxy. >> it's not my dog. it's not fair. sorry, roxy. we met. >> now you've done it. >> we meat few years ago. and it was a christmas night and we called her roxy radar roxiy or doppler dog -- roxy or doppler dog. >> it's apropos that he'lleen is here with a cat in the same size category. >> i think they are dogs. >> i know. >> shower rolled up 95 and yes passing through cecil county, they have gotten wet each of the last three days. they have gotten rain in the afternoon and the morning showers look at westminster got hit with a thunderstorm picking up a third of an inch of rain. you are catching up with the rest of us. we are aiming for the upper 80s. i know we said this the last two days, this will be the
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third in a row with a risk of severe storms. but we are in that environment although it looks like most of the storms keep skirting around us, it's a matter of time before we break the bubble. 88 and some storms have the potential of damaging wind and hail and then we will improve the setup drop humidity and whoa may hang onto extra cloudsrolling through the start of the weekend. more on that and the beach weather coming up. stick around, it's a soggy day at abc2 and a kitty as well with aileen gabbey. the sun trying to come out. we will be back in a moment. [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable,
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thanks for joining us. this morning's health alert more moms are determined to keep off baby weight. even while pregnant. listen to this. they are calling it mommyrexics they cut calories and hit the jim trying to keep as much weight off as possible during pregnancy and after preg nancy. expert blame it on super skinny celebrity moms who appear todrop the weight weeks after giving birth. it may be the quality of food that you are putting in your body. researchers at harvard figured out exactly how much weight you will gain based on the foods you eat what's in your house. biggest culprit on packing on the pounds, potatoe chips. they add more weight gain per serving than any other food. my husband will be heart
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broken. best food for your waistline is yogurt. keep that in mind. and if you are just joining us, it's national take your pet to workday, and does it specify dogs. >> i think it's national take your dog to workday. >> that's what we have done on "good morning maryland" at nine. this is my buddy oscar. he is 6 years old a doxin i rescued when i lived in fayetteville. my wife arianna had a lot to do with this and. >> i brought in roxy my baby girl. a heavy breather. >> a little excited. if you hear a lot of panting, iapole joys, it's thought to take your dog to work so hopefully we won't get in too much trouble. it was the first time in a staning -- in a tanning salon bed and in all probability the last. >> autry godfrey talked to a then who was severely burned on
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a -- to a teen who was severely burned on a tanning bed and blames the employees at the salon. >> reporter: she cringes as her mother lifts the shirt to show the blisters and burns she got from the first time in a tanning bed. >> severe pain i thought i was cig. it was horrible. >> reporter: ionson says she went to the salon last wednesday and not knowing what to expect, she says she followed what she called vague instructions from employees. >> she hoed me the timer and how can -- showed meet timer and how to set it and said if you want more time you pret more start. >> reporter: resetting the timer not once but twice she ended up spending 35 minutes in the high powered bed. the next day, she was in the emergency room with second degree burns. today her mother is blaming thethe salon for not explaining how harsh it could be especially to a first timer. >> common sense would say it's my daughter's first experience and she didn't have the following to know better.
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-- knowledge to know better. the staff at hand did know and they could have been more responsible. >> reporter: but salon owner lisa walker is telling a different story. >> you can check all this before you get in. >> reporter: she says the teen was told by two different employees not to exceed the 10 minute recommendation. >> she was advised no longer than ten minutes in the bed. and you know, one of my employees said they had to knock on the door when they noticed the tanning bed still on and she said she was fine. >> bad burns. ha horrible. -- horrible burns. regarding a textbook that makes a statement that some parents say runs a bit afoul. we asked what you thought one referring to health care being free in other countries not here in the u.s. >> you can read the story online. this is what we are hearing the can the truth be considered
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propaganda. sound like they have more in common sense than their parents that don't like that. heather says god forebid they should be taught to ask questions. if you want to weigh in and share your two cents head to the official wmar facebook fan page and we will continue to read the comments throughout the shore. -- show. today is federal regular -- federal regulators are ready to slap googel with a formal investigation. the issue is the position and search advertising and whether or not it's using the results to channel users to its own sites at expense of the rival. >> this is something we talked about how targeted marketing is sort of popping up from time to time when you are out and about online. the mantra for anyone with a big idea is go wet. but what about the next generation? >> karin caifa looks at growing -- at the growing trend of the next big tech hubs.
9:17 am
take a look. >> we don't know if we have the story. maybe we are having -- oh. >> when it comes to text start yups most people loo -- look west. but the next big tech hub could be wherever the next big idea has roots. >> with the internet a. community can be every where. >> reporter: tech cocktail gets a entrepreneurs together in cities across the country. the founder says from dv to -- dc to den fer he found goals. >> each city has its own character and being able to basically thrive on what the character might be to best the best you may be because you are not going to beat silicone valley. >> reporter: live living social for washington. >> it will help shine the light
9:18 am
on the area and will see the other stuff happening. >> reporter: the geography of growing communities is less important and entrepreneurs are finding home is where the brain power is even if it's a little farther east. >> the personality and skill sets and talents are common amongst engineers of course and you will to bring the culture to them to allow them to experience it. >> that was carei cave -- carein caifa recording. many of us are have had to the be a loyalties et cetera -- attached to our tech devices. [audio not understandable] a condition where we use so many multitasking devices in the cyber world that we can't really handle the slower pace
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of life off line. according to a study our brains can alter within enough internet useage and changes how we see things. this is how to cut down on it. keep a record of online life and mack ajudgments. set limits for your life online and then stop and smell the roses. get outside and seattle world around you. establish free time. maybe a two are three, four hour -- two, three, four hour period in the day where you unplug and team up and call a friend instead of texting and get them to spend sometime outside and away from the computers and the mart phones and iphones and all those tablets. >> i say spend sometime with your pet and adopt one. coming up, how to get a cat or adog a cat for free right now and, of course, a dog. that's what take your pet to workday is all about. aileen gabey is here with mud light we can get -- you can get
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him for free.
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thanks for gong us. who says consider -- joining us. who says dogs and cats can't get along. mud sloyd is here. >> thanks for letting us bring a -- mu slide is here. >> thanks for let-- mudslide is here. >> thanks for letting us bring a cat. >> tell everybody about the
9:23 am
promotion. >> the goal of adopting 500 cats from three shelters. we are over 400. we have a couple more days to go. so, there's no adoption free and there's free health exams and it's a great promotion and a great time to get a cat or kitten. >> it's good deal. it's unheard of to get a cat for free for spaying and neutering and all the shots. >> it's a -- it's good time and it's the time when shelters are bursting with cats and kittens and it's a good time to support the shelt another we have to talk about mudslidehe is gorgeous. >> he is. >> what do you know about him? >> he is in with his sister margarita i guess they are named after drinks. they are up for adoption 3 months old. and very friendly and loveable. and. >> and laid back. >> and i think most people don't bring cats. >> yes. >> to work understandably but whoa be a good candidate -- he would be a good candidate but i brought a picture of a babygate
9:24 am
which is a must if people will bring their dogs to work. >> let's look at this picture and what is so important about this in. >> if you have your own office or space, you can put that up as barrier to keep the dog safe in your office and not everybody likes dogs. surprisingly. so you want to make sure they keep their space and the dog not interfering with their workday. but it can add to the workday reducing your stress and make you happy to come into work. i think it's great idea bosses should consider. >> i hope they heard that because we are worried we will get in trouble for bringing our dogs in. >> i think everyone's behaving. >> of course. don't forget about mud shied. mudslide needs a home. >> they are look at each other. >> this is the time to do it and they have free adoptions until the end of the month. so go to the maryland apca's website or they can give you -- spca's website or they can give
9:25 am
you a call. >> yes. >> pay a visit. this weekend would be a great time to go and thanks for bringing him in. he is sweet. >> having a great time. thank you. and i know you have a dog with a lot of fur. it's -- we are in for a cooldown so wean we will send it over to justin to see what's in -- so we will send it over to justin to see what's in store. >> going to the beach this weekend? there may be se rear storms that pop up on -- severe storms that pop up this afternoon and evening on the delmarva. partly sunny skies developing, 89 today, 86 tomorrow. and less humid and i think the pick of the weekend for most of us will be sunday a high of about 84. i want to let you know the water temperature is creeping up with an average of 70. takes all summer until we reach the warmest water temperatures usually in september. i will have the outlook and beyond. stick around. [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable,
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news time 9:28. it's national bring your dog to workday. so, megan and i brought our pets in. and this is oscar. and this is roxy and roxy says hello. hello. she seems stressed out in my arms. but video game sales in the u.s. slightly -- fell slightly last year but totaled 13.6 billion dollars with projection of reaching 17 billion by 2015. one company position itself with the advantage of the growth a french game maker that will start in the most unlikely of places and jim bitterman has the story from paris. i have to get out of here. >> reporter: just another day at the office. if yow your office is at computer game maker -- if your office is at the computer game maker. after all, if you want to evaluate the gamer experience, you have to just dance too. it's one of the most recent
9:30 am
games in development for them a company which the french like to point to as their version of apple or microsoft mainly because of the on origins found by five brothers from an obscure town who inherited a farm supply business which morphed into a mail order company and then no a line of video games many they were part of the $50 billion a year video game industry. especially because of gaming hits like assassin's creed which sold nearly 30 million units worldwide. and is sure to go higher with the 4th and last sequel comes out this fall. the head of the company believes that being in france where the other big game publishers are not has helped the company grow. >> because they we were able to recoup talented people. and when you go you start your company and you go to l.a. and they are talented people but there are great companies there it's difficult when you
9:31 am
are a small company to find the right people. >> reporter: today they are no longer small and employing 4,000 people primarily in france and canada. and a company is regularly in the top ten in sales. to build a new game, the programmers work in teams starting with perhaps 70 people but expanding to as many as 500 programmers who each day contribute bits and piece of the game to a central server. the next day begins with an assessment of how far the game has gotten and how much more needs to be done. games can take 2 or 3 years of development. >> the ceo believes they are mark their 25th anniversary was very lucky to have been growing at the same time as global connection and global markets were developing. >> that makes a big difference because this worldwide open markets is something that is getting anybody in the world a chance to succeed and and
9:32 am
that's the key to the growth and that we need to preserve. >> reporter: the c-eo says he plays games occasionally himself and as he becomes an armchair psychologist handing out books to visitors on human motivations. >> we have -- we are a-- we have basic designers and in fact, we have to. [audio not understandable] if you can get them in virt rail -- virtual world and real world you are in better shape in your day to day life. >> reporter: the gamers may live in virtual world, but eve and his brothers are making real world money. jim bitterman, cnn paris. this morning a hidden world deep in the heart of amazon a tribe untouched by modern civilization unknown until now. i am not making this up.
9:33 am
>> this is incredible. now what we have learned about this the first encounter and dan harris has a look. look at this. >> reporter: in those simple wood huts in the middle of the vast untamed amazon there are 200 people living just as the ancestors did in the stone age. and the brazillion amazon is home to 68 uncontacked tribes including this one -- uncontracted tribes including this one which made us feel as if we were staring into our ancient selves. to protect them from exposure to the outside world, only rarely do government officials initiate first contact as seen in this extraordinary video. in 1990, abc visited one tribe that had minimal outside contact and couldn't comprehend our music. when i visited a similar tribe
9:34 am
in 2008 they were mess mer identities by my video -- mesmerizeed my video io ipod but wanted to retain -- ipod but want to retain their life tile. but if you want to be alone with your wife you want to be intimate with your life we are living in a room filled with people, how do you have privacy? the people were warm and funny but also scared. they say outsiders are bringing destruction and disease and violence many we visited a tribe with only 6 members left. it's a realtime human extinction the kind brazilian government official are hoping can be prevented for those leaping in the huts tonight. dan harris, abc news. >> that's incredible. and so scary that you know it is hard to think of a tribe
9:35 am
becoming extinct. >> and being so peaceful and the government comes in when they have to. so, they are amable when they have guests interesting. a reminder it's take your dog to workday which is why we have dogs in our arms. >> i noticed on the two shot you can't see oscar. >> roxy blends in with the dress. stay with us because a lot of pregnant women basically -- not basically they want a hemety baby. it doesn't matter about the gender. >> not at all. but coming up, couples are getting creative when it comes to learning whether it's a boy or girl. we will tell you what they are doing coming up and maybe plans to cede. of an idea for -- and maybeplant a seed of an idea. [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable,
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if you are just joining us it's national take your dog to workday which is why there are dogs on the set. and maybe. >> this is. >> oscar is in the studio. >> this is my 6-year-old that was rescued when i was in arkansas and i will tell you a story about him later. >> perfect. and this is my dog roxy. and. >> woe. flag on the play. what is her name.
9:39 am
>> rox roxanne pringle-karlin. it's one of the biggest moments in life a huge surprise that moment when expecting parents learn whether they are having a boy or girl. >> moms and dads to be are not finding out the answer from the doctors' office but revealed at jeepedder parties and are -- can gender parties and are using the color of the cake to decide. >> take a look. here's laura spencer to explain . >> reporter: aid literal we -- it's literal we start to life special moment. >> it's twins. >> reporter: called gender reveal parties and the ideal is simple. the doctor puts the sex in a envelope and they take it to the baker who creates a cake
9:40 am
neutral on the outside and when you cut into it, surprise, it is pink or blue. >> we are having a girl. >> reporter: it's a play on the term bun in the oven. many poms to be turning to the baker -- moms to the -- many moms turning to the baker. >> you are going to have a baby sister. >> reporter: no more finding out your baby's sex in a clinical doctor's office. this happy event is filled with family and friends and usual lay few tears of joy mixed in with the cake. >> open the envelope. >> reporter: we are about to throw our own gender reveal party. meet the greer family another family each growing by one. katy and garrett got married last september and both wanted to start a family right away. >> i feel like it's a really genuine surprise and it's the one true surprise and i didn't want to find out in a doctor's office by a doctor reading off
9:41 am
saying it's boy you nova good day see you later. >> whatever makes her happy is good with me and i don't have problems with it as long as it is healthy and hope flay boy. >> reporter: nicole -- hope any a boy. >> reporter: nicole and shane tied the knot a few months ago. >> exciting. why put it off? >> i am excited we are having a baby. i can't wait to be a father. i know nicole is going to be a great mother. >> reporter: what do they think they are having? >> i have sworn since day one it's a boy. >> if it's a girl i will be beside myself. >> i am hoping for a girl. i just think it would be fun to have a little mini me. >> reporter: in a minute, the cake will tell all. it's a sweet way of adding excitement to the process that is until the real excitement begins. >> crying. >> and we should mention the
9:42 am
couples they both had girls. >> that was laura spencer reporting. the sound at the end of the package megan, get used to it. >> times two i know. i am ready and excited. i am not ready but exnight you will be great -- excited. >> you will be great. it's going to be awesome. >> theodore 13-year-old today part of the birthday and this is him and his elephant a therapy dog listening to kids read and he helps his mommy and jacob is turning 7 mom and dad jacob want to wesh you a happy birthday and let -- wish you a happy birthday and let you know they love you to the moon and stars. all right. look at our picture of the day. these two little guys love wrestling and their favorite res wrestler is john sena the moms had the surprises for them taking them to the wrestling match so those kids got super excited when they found out they were going to meet their
9:43 am
hero and they d they do the -- they d they got to meet him in person. if you have a great moment you want to share, or it cab birthday anniversary, pets you name it, send it to morning show at and give us a little information regarding the pictures so we can pass it along to everybody else. news time 9:43a lot of greatevents going on this weekend and for weeks to come across parts of maryland because it is summer. and you have to enjoy the great outdoors. >> that's what this one is about. go downtown. it's a baltimore group and check out your screen because they are offering free yoga classes at the preston gardens. so go downtown if you want more. they part nerd by hosting free e-- partnered by hosting free events in june. so you have time at hopkins plaza and center plaza. and you can enjoy everything from yoga to poetry readings and they have dancing and lunch after work. check it out and give them a try a free yoga class from noon
9:44 am
to one. >> great outdoors being what it's about. 98 rock the dock concert series next saturday june 30th. that's from 6 to 8 and it'sing on the pier from 6 to 8 weather permitting for the rock the dock summer concert series down at the power plant. food, cold drinks and live music by stereo trigger and clear for take off. another -- one of your favorites. actually, one of richard sher's favorite band will be performing at the hard rock power plant you want to know the name is? of course. that's what she said. >> yeah. >> i thought it would be motley cru or metallicca. >> no he is all ccr. >> black eyed peas. >> they are everywhere how can you not love them. >> if you have an event you want us to mention, the addresss are on the screen. e-mail us m pringle at wmar or c crowson or morning show at
9:45 am and let us know what's happening and we will pass it along to everybody else. president obama announces the beginning of a drawdown from afghanistan just as the mayors of america are asking and this is what everyone is saying, many are saying rather, what the country needs. >> so our good friend and hard rocker richard sher is here with a preview. good morning. >> good morning. you don't know that i was one of the emcees for the final beatles show at rfk stadium in 1966 whenmegan graduated from high school. now listen, the conference of mayors as you probably know by watching abc2 news this past week, here in baltimore they voted to stop military action in afghanistan and iraq and sayspend the billions on troubled american cities. we will debate this issue on sunday's square off and how about the billions of dollars the airlines are earned charging us for luggage and change fees and more. it's peanuts. our panel is bob, mary, jean
9:46 am
and professor richard. our audience continues to grow and all of us would like to thank you for watching square off sunday mornings at 10 here on abc2 brought to you by the murphy firm. guys, take it away. great show, wouldn't miss it love your dogs. >> oh. >> thank you. >> my pleasure. >> i saw a photo you were having fun. >> at grand open of chaz's a bronx original. went in and was hanging out for 45 minutes and who walked in? that guy? >> the richard sher. >> guess what? i will say this off the record between us, you are a great slow dancer. >> thank you richard. it's all you because i led you lead. >> thank you. >> if you go to the facebook page it looks like they were slow dancing. it's a good action shot. >> aid shared moment. >> richard shered moment. it's one of baltimore's. >> wow. >> most poplar and critically acclaimed restaurants and this
9:47 am
morning woodbury kitchen are in our kitchen abc2 news kitchen. >> there's spike and they will show off a great recipe for chilled buttermilk. can't wait to see that coming up. justin we have to get some of that. >> he can't get enough tv. richard sher is coming into my shot. >> let him. >> by the way. [audio not understandable] >> she said she was in a movie i didn't know who it was a jewish lady from northwest. >> okay. >> says you were -- >> beautiful young lady running away from richard. >> good-bye. >> all right. you know speak of heat by the way, because it's heating up in here, this last year we hit the high temperature of the record marker 100. thanksfully that won't happen again. my ears are ringing from that kiss. richard smooched his way out but we will be back in a moment and we have got the weekend outlook so stick around.
9:48 am
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9:50 am
and welcome back to "good morning maryland" at nine. we moved over to the kitchen on this friday to introduce you to this man. it's spike who is the owner of woodbury kitchen one of the best restaurants in all of baltimore and we have about 3 minutes here. >> we are on it. >> we have to get in the cold
9:51 am
soup which will be great for this. >> last thing we want to do is turn on a oven or stove so we will start off with a cord of local grass fed buttermilk one of my favorite ingredients from trickling springs dairy but there are other great once. you can get it at milk and honey and other great stores. we have a quart and a couple of homemade sour cream or you can use yogurt if you want it lighter. i will wisk them together. >> i will stay out of this because i have dog hair on my suit and don't want anything in the food. as you wisking and moving from spot to spot, tell us what sets woodbury kitchen apart because you are using locally grown. >> absolutely. >> and local products sh. >> yes that's all we do woodbury kitchen and never gets better than it is right now for us with all the great fresh local products we have fresh zucchini from one of our
9:52 am
favorite growers. this is yellow squash and i have a locally grown radish and the great thing about the recipe is you can use any fresh vegetable see the fantastic color. >> yes. >> this is cold another great vegetable people don't know what to do which the and it is diced up. you can see the vegetables i diced up waiting for you guys to come over and it is ready to go. generous pinch of salt and pepper. >> i like that. >> and then a little red pepper here. that is mild coursely ground red pep mere all locally grown. >> this isn't we do make our own don't have any now but by the end of the summer i will. you can see how simple it is. fresh herbs is the last touch. i am thyme that is delicious and available from one of our favorite local growers. then a the last thing a do is add a little bit of acidity in our case we will add a little pickling liquid from the house pickleed rhubarb. >> i wondered.
9:53 am
you know what that looks like? tamales. it does. i was like where -- >> that's just -- you can squeeze lemon or a couple tablespoons of vinegar and that's all there is to it. i've got beautiful glass jars here and i am going to dish one up if you care to taste it. it's light and cold and so simple. >> so simple and eminently you know, adjustable. you can virtually put fresh crunchy vegetable in the house and if zucchini comes it is delightful. >> thanks so much. >> welcome. >> this will be on the website. again, the name of this is cold buttermilk soup. >> that's it. >> thanks. >> thanks for being with us. >> off to a break. we will get you ready force weekend with a check of the weekend forecast. you are watching "good morning maryland" at nine.
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9:56 am
all right. this is it. we don't have much time. 7-day graphic lets you know we have 88 degrees for today, and that's going to be a humid one with a slight risk of veer --
9:57 am
of severe storms and better chance of the storms is near the chesapeake and eastern shore. and tonight we slip back to 60. we may hang onto add clouds at 85. 84 just a nice end to the weekend on sunday. with lows 50s northwest and 60 downtown and we will bring it back to near 90 going into tuesday and wednesday next week and isolated afternoon thundershowers and if we are lucky because we need rain in spots here. >> it's been dry. >> spots. a few spots right there. >> you sure you want to hold her? i feel you were left out. i know you have a new puppy. >> quickly i want to let you know about the importance adopting. when you talk about -- >> angry birds here. >> right. >> she will try to make out watch out. >> adopting a dog. i wanted to go to a breeder to pick up oscar and my wife wouldn't favor -- favored adoption and said your dog is at the humane society and this guy said get me out of here. >> you can find one anywhere
9:58 am
that needs a home. >> can't say enough about the value of adopghts. >> see you later have a great weekend.
9:59 am